How to be successful online student?

You can be parent, worker or even manager and now you need to go back to the studying practices you left behind years ago. During that time you have learned a lot other useful things, so here is what of them you can use to become good online student:

  1. Strategy for time-management.

    This is the thing that will reflect the most on your presentation. From your time management skills will come either the stress, or the strength with which you will concentrate on your educational process. Choose a “base” activity – one which schedule you cannot change like full-time job, kid’s activities or else. It will set the spine of your schedule; organize your online classes around it in such manner that will give you time to do your assignments and projects.

  2. Discussing online.

    Try to avoid empty comments like “You are right”; “Good job” and similar ones. When you reply to question, comment or discuss a given issue try to be valuable and don’t just repeat or summarize. Also try to communicate with everybody not with the same people. In this way you develop learned skills faster and better.

  3. Useful and forgettable.

    These are the qualifications you need to develop for the skills and knowledge that you’ll get from the online classes. Everything you don’t put to work will be easily forgotten, so try to use as much as possible of the things you learn.

  4. Dig deep.

    Ask questions, even if they don’t pop up during discussion, don’t be afraid to write a mail to your tutor to ask him or her about the subject that you’ve studied. Try not to repeat other students but if you didn’t get the needed information don’t give up till you get it.

  5. Motivation is the base.

    Remind yourself what make you sign up for these courses when it gets tough or you feel lost and tired. Being out of contact without supervision can spoil your determination but don’t turn it into drama. Every student knows these moments once in a while, so they are passable.

Studying how to learn stuff?!

Maybe you think that after high school you know all about studying: how to write, where to read from, how to quote and so on. University is completely different level of education with its own rules and criteria. But there are a lot of courses online that can help you to pass to that level.

For those who are panicking when they hear the words: “Write a paper” or “Create a project” or for those who think Math is equal to astrophysics, there are plenty of online classes that will make your worries disappear.

For universities one of the most important skills is to write good. Such classes you may find both in your online college’s site or in specialized sites that offer different courses. You can find Essay writing course on This one is paid but in only twelve lessons you will turn yourself from mumbling to academic writer. The essays are also required in almost every job description and every scholarship contest.

Another vital skill is remembering and use of the learned facts. University of California offers such course through It presents different learning techniques that have been used throughout the human history in various fields like art and music, history and Math. The course comes in Portuguese, English, Ukrainian and Spanish and it will take about 10 hours of your time for the whole course.

Learning online has its own specifics and to explain and to let you mater these specifics, presents a course explaining you how to learn online. It lasts only an hour and it’s applicable to all virtual classrooms. It has been developed especially for Adobe Connect but you can use it everywhere as it was mentioned.

The last suggestion is for Math “lovers”. Stanford University presents a free course in two parts that will give you useful tips how to learn Math in all levels. It will also make your Math learning more efficient. It is free and it will let you find your own pace while having team of professionals on your disposal.

Found your course?

Mastering a language in online university

Learning a language is like discovering a new world. Depending on your country of living and the chosen job field, you will need to master two or more foreign languages to keep your career raising.

You can do it in online university. Moreover if you choose course in the university that you attend, it can become part of your diploma. But what are the best colleges for online language classes? You may be surprised by the answers.

German language and culture classes have the best online version in MIT. There are three kind of courses and they have different focus. The standard course contains four parts and each one of them can be taken separately if you have the needed competences – writing, speaking, reading and listening. The main purpose is to achieve communicative competence. As you know MIT is one of the best schools in world and they’ve proved it even in these classes.

If Spanish language acquisition is your goal, MIT should be your school of choice again. They have four level common Spanish classes, literature and culture classes and even courses for bilingual students. All materials are downloadable and you can access them anytime you want. If Spanish composition and conversations are your nightmare, try the two courses that deal with them (they are offered in basic and advanced level).

If you are turning East and you want to explore the depths of eastern languages like Chinese and Japanese for free, there are more than nineteen courses in universities as MIT and Utah State university. Six of the courses focus on Japanese from beginners to advanced learners level and one is introduction to the Japanese culture. Thirteen different kinds of courses exist in these two schools only for Chinese, depending on your level and pace of studying.

There are also courses in all other languages from Russian and French to Latin and Ancient Greek, you just need to find them. Most of these courses won’t give you a diploma or participation certificate but they will improve your language acquisition for free and you’ll be able to use the materials any time.

Excel in your art classes online

Though the art is something you cannot learn, recently things changed dramatically – through computer you may master everything. You can create art through various programs, in different forms and shapes, physically or virtually. And you can even study art online! No matter if you are an adult that want to achieve expertise in the field or a student that wants to develop his talent, distance, time and money are no longer a problem.

Various educational institutions offer different kind of art classes online – art history, composition and so on. And we mean not only specialized colleges but also some museums, sites with educational purposes and galleries. The museum of modern art of New York can be a good point to start, if you still hesitate.

These classes, of course are not all free, some require a little investment – MoMA’s courses are around $100 each – and other’s you can attend for free (try Also if you are a student that needs credits check if the course is credible before starting it. Some courses finish with a certificate for different level of mastery or with a document that can be applied to your university diploma.

When you should attend these courses? Some classes are available through the whole year and others are “open” only for certain period. Also if you want to use them as preparation classes, check these that take place in summer. Even you can find classes taught by your professors-to-be, this way you will get better idea of their teaching methods and requirements that they may have in your university classes.

Another thing you should think about is what kind of document you need to prove your qualification and if you need a document at all. If you attend foreign online university, the document for degree it provides may not reach the standards, established by your country’s educational ministry.

If the document is not important, you can take any class if you have the time. After all mastering a skill doesn’t come with the certificate but with the abilities and knowledge that you gain.

So, art, engineering or any other subject – whatever you are into – go for it!