Mastering a language in online university

Learning a language is like discovering a new world. Depending on your country of living and the chosen job field, you will need to master two or more foreign languages to keep your career raising.

You can do it in online university. Moreover if you choose course in the university that you attend, it can become part of your diploma. But what are the best colleges for online language classes? You may be surprised by the answers.

German language and culture classes have the best online version in MIT. There are three kind of courses and they have different focus. The standard course contains four parts and each one of them can be taken separately if you have the needed competences – writing, speaking, reading and listening. The main purpose is to achieve communicative competence. As you know MIT is one of the best schools in world and they’ve proved it even in these classes.

If Spanish language acquisition is your goal, MIT should be your school of choice again. They have four level common Spanish classes, literature and culture classes and even courses for bilingual students. All materials are downloadable and you can access them anytime you want. If Spanish composition and conversations are your nightmare, try the two courses that deal with them (they are offered in basic and advanced level).

If you are turning East and you want to explore the depths of eastern languages like Chinese and Japanese for free, there are more than nineteen courses in universities as MIT and Utah State university. Six of the courses focus on Japanese from beginners to advanced learners level and one is introduction to the Japanese culture. Thirteen different kinds of courses exist in these two schools only for Chinese, depending on your level and pace of studying.

There are also courses in all other languages from Russian and French to Latin and Ancient Greek, you just need to find them. Most of these courses won’t give you a diploma or participation certificate but they will improve your language acquisition for free and you’ll be able to use the materials any time.