Studying how to learn stuff?!

Maybe you think that after high school you know all about studying: how to write, where to read from, how to quote and so on. University is completely different level of education with its own rules and criteria. But there are a lot of courses online that can help you to pass to that level.

For those who are panicking when they hear the words: “Write a paper” or “Create a project” or for those who think Math is equal to astrophysics, there are plenty of online classes that will make your worries disappear.

For universities one of the most important skills is to write good. Such classes you may find both in your online college’s site or in specialized sites that offer different courses. You can find Essay writing course on This one is paid but in only twelve lessons you will turn yourself from mumbling to academic writer. The essays are also required in almost every job description and every scholarship contest.

Another vital skill is remembering and use of the learned facts. University of California offers such course through It presents different learning techniques that have been used throughout the human history in various fields like art and music, history and Math. The course comes in Portuguese, English, Ukrainian and Spanish and it will take about 10 hours of your time for the whole course.

Learning online has its own specifics and to explain and to let you mater these specifics, presents a course explaining you how to learn online. It lasts only an hour and it’s applicable to all virtual classrooms. It has been developed especially for Adobe Connect but you can use it everywhere as it was mentioned.

The last suggestion is for Math “lovers”. Stanford University presents a free course in two parts that will give you useful tips how to learn Math in all levels. It will also make your Math learning more efficient. It is free and it will let you find your own pace while having team of professionals on your disposal.

Found your course?